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Quick Chat

Reach us through this website's contact form or call 07500 866 123 (remember 123 at the end). The first call is brief so we can answer any immediate questions and get an overview. We send a welcome pack and questionnaire to help you consider your needs. If returned before our first consultation, it will save you time and allow you to focus on what matters to you.


Personal consultation

We want to understand your story. We sit down with you (online or in person) to discover who you care about and what truly matters. With essential information about your assets and family situation, we listen to what you want. This is a mutual chat because you decide if you are happy to work with us.


Tailored advice

Your life isn’t a template, and neither should your Will or LPA be. We provide tailored information to guide you through the various options. Whether you need a simple Will or a more intricate solution, We ensure it aligns with your goals. We will never pressure or ask you to pay for anything you do not need or want. We listen, advise, and then you choose.


Will & LPA drafting

We then draft your documents carefully. They reflect whether you want to leave your wedding ring to your niece, your painting above the fireplace to your best friend, or a trust overseen by your brother-in-law to look after your child with specific needs. It could be a power of attorney because you have seen a loved one suffer by not having one. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring your wishes are accurately documented.


Trust in trusts

Sometimes, life gets intricate. Maybe you have a blended family or a cherished pet. You may wish to reduce a 40% Inheritance Tax burden for your beneficiaries. If a trust meets your needs, we will discuss this with you.


Helping you now

A common misconception is that this is all about what happens to “what you pass on when you pass on”. With three affordable options for Powers of Attorney, the benefits to you and your family start as soon as they are registered. We will help you to discuss the options with your family if required.


Quality & compliance

We ensure that your documents comply with all the latest legal requirements. We are qualified members of The Society of Will Writers and adhere to their code of conduct.


Storage and access

The original, hand-signed versions of Wills are the only legally recognised forms. Digital copies like scans and photocopies aren’t valid in court because they lack your signature. Partnering with National Will Safe to store Wills, Deeds & LPAs is a great way to ensure these important documents are kept securely and can be retrieved for free when necessary.


Ongoing support

We aim to be more than just Will writers; we strive to be your personal Will writers. This means we’re dedicated to updating your Will with regular reviews and adapting to life’s changes. We’re also committed to earning your trust, and we hope you’ll confidently recommend us to your friends and family.