24 Apr
Very rarely is anything in life free. Free things often have no perceived value, and where something is provided for free, the cost is often absorbed somewhere else (meaning you still pay for it). It may be free because the provider has an ulterior motive or because you get less than expected.

Examples of where something is perceived to be free include:
  • The swimming pool is free to hotel guests. Realistically, the costs of running the pool are factored into the price of the hotel's rooms.
  • Claim your free gift with your first order. Free gifts often rely on return custom and costs of other products might be higher to compensate for the free gift.

When you consider the benefits attached to a free service as opposed to those that you paid for, it's important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of both arguments. This empowers you to make an informed decision and understand the true value of the services you're considering.

If a Will is being offered for free, it's crucial to understand that there is almost certainly a cost to the provider. This cost is likely to be passed on to you through up-sells or add-ons. When a Will writer takes instructions for a Will, it can easily take 2 hours for them to take contemporaneous notes. There will then be a cost to the drafting of the document, the cost of the Will writer’s insurance, and the cost of the will writer’s fuel. When you consider all these factors, the cost you pay for a Will is certainly more reasonable, and you avoid the potential risks of 'free' services.

When you consider ‘Free Will Month’ run by charities, these campaigns are often funded by charities hoping that a legacy will be left in the Will or in anticipation of a donation to the charity when the Will is made.

When it comes to Will storage, serious consideration should be given to the value attached to free storage. With a paid package, you should look for benefits like certification of safe storage, scanned copies on file, whether a dedicated team of staff is on hand to answer storage questions, what the return costs are on the testator's death, and where the documents are held.

In the past, the SWW has rescued Will banks from defunct companies and, in doing so, has seen where some documents have been stored. A terrible but true example was when they collected a small Will bank from a downstairs toilet. Firstly, if you’re paying for storage, you would presumably never pay to have your Will stored in a downstairs toilet, which could be at risk of flooding and probably lack relevant fire safety standards.

Fern Wills & LPAs uses independent, world-class storage at discounted rates, which means your documents will be in safe custody. The dedicated team can help executors easily retrieve documents when the time comes.

Remember, being free may not always be better, and you rarely get something for nothing. 

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