Mr & Mrs BC. Rugby
Limited Budget

"We thought a basic Will was enough but our daughter's specific needs exceeded our budget. Chris added the Trust for free instead of providing a Will that wouldn't match our needs. We're grateful and happy to recommend him."

Mr & Mrs SW. Rugby
Pending Operation

"My husband needed an operation but was nervous to discuss it. I booked the appointment and Chris made us feel at ease. He wrote and signed the Will within 48 hours."

MR CB. Rugby
New to area

I bought a house after a divorce. I needed a Will as my health wasn't great, and there were now a few people who I definitely did not want to inherit. I did not know anyone in the area, so he organised a Witness for me. Great Guy!

Mr BN. Coventry
Under Budget & honest

"I needed a Power of Attorney for my foreign property, but the solicitor's quote of £800 was too expensive. I got all the documents for myself, mother, & brother at a fair price. He is an honest person, and I recommend him to my family.

MRs TJ. Rugby
Need absolute confidentiality

"As a teen, I had a child but lost contact. I need to do right by them. I was helped to leave an inheritance confidentially."

Mr WJ. Market Harborough
Three changes to my Will

"I wrote my Will three times. After my wife died, my brother and I reconciled briefly, but we fell out again. I don't have much of value, but my medals and records are important. I gave Chris something when I updated my Will for the third time, but it probably didn't even cover the cost of his petrol. Thanks."

Mrs CC. Northampton
Guardianship & ex-husband

I have divorced my husband and definitely don't want him to have custody of our children or any more of our money. Chris explained a few strategies that would help to ensure that my children are protected.

Mrs MS. Leicester
Urgent LPA

"I got an LPA for my daughter to help me on bad days. We needed it urgently, so we got a General one for now. He called my son to explain. My daughter is relieved."

Ms. D. Lutterworth
OMG Common-law myth

I've been with my partner for 12 years, have three kids, and own a house in his name. I contribute to the mortgage and bills, but we found out that I would inherit nothing if something happened to him because we're not married. Also, he has no legal rights over the kids as his name isn't on the birth certificates. We sorted these issues out, but it was a wake-up call.